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TWIG WebFinder SP is a turn-key application for monitoring alerts from TWIG devices and tracking their GPS location on street maps and aerial views. Deployed internationally in minutes, TWIG WebFinder SP combines ease of use and remote device management with advanced features such as AGPS and real time tracking. Streets maps, aerial images and 3D aerial views are available internationally. Detail varies according to area, and usually improves over time

TWIG WebFinder SP allows you to:

  • Set up multiple alarm receiving centres (ARC) for TWIG devices internationally.
  • Open new customer accounts free of charge.
  • Deploy new TWIG devices in a matter of minutes and manage them remotely.
  • Monitor alarms - alarms from panic button, wireless alert or Man-Down open an alert case displaying predefined operator instructions. The operator can write notes which are locked once the alert case is closed.
  • Select alerts forwarding with address to multiple SMS and email recipients.
  • Remotely start and stop GPS location reporting from TWIG devices. The tracking interval is selectable down to 5 seconds. You can define optional stop date and time or stop repeat limit.
  • See at a glance the location of persons and assets on a map or 3D aerial view. You can read their address, direction, speed and battery status. You can see which units are online, have active tracking, or open alert cases.
  • View a record of device activity and locations, and export device locations to other applications.
  • Speed up the first GPS acquisition after moving outdoors by selecting the AGPS feed to TWIG Protector.

Download the data for the Web Finder

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