Usage examples

The TWIG platform is designed to give peace of mind for you, your staff, your employer and your client. It provides for every type of environment.

Here are some typical lone-worker situations and their potential hazards, courtesy of the Victorian Trades Hall Council which takes worker safety very seriously



  • Taxi drivers
  • abusive customers, road rage, violence, robbery, road accidents
  • Social workers, institution staff, community  workers
  • abusive/violent patients/clients/relatives, manual handling (lifting) injuries
  • Electrical/maintenance workers
  • electric shocks, trips, cuts, falls, accidents, confined spaces
  • Emergency services, security workers
  • abuse, violence, robbery, traffic hazards, accidents, biological hazards, falls, burns, toxic exposures
  • Farm/forestry/horticultural workers
  • animal attacks, weather, machinery accidents, chemicals, falling trees
  • Home help, care assistants, cleaners
  • falls, injury, lifting, injuries from garbage handling, infections, needle sticks, chemicals, violence, robbery
  • Lab workers
  • chemical over-exposure, biological agents, physical hazards, fires
  • Meter readers, delivery, postal workers
  • animal attacks, abusive customers, violence, robbery, accidents
  • Nursing and healthcare staff
  • manual handlinginjuries, abusive / violent patients, drug handling, robbery, violence
  • Parking attendants
  • robbery, violence, abuse, vehicle fumes
  • Shop/service sector workers
  • robbery, violence, abuse, manual handling injuries
  • Public workers
  • confined spaces, toxic gases, biohazards, slips and falls
  • Transport workers
  • abuse, road rage, violence, robbery, road accidents, falling asleep at the wheel, breakdowns / running out of fuel / getting bogged in isolated areas (tragically, several drivers have died as a result)
  • Education: teachers, maintenance staff, special needs students
  • unruly students, abusive parents, lone-workers especially after hours
  • Tradesmen
  • falls, equipment injuries, working at heights, lone-workers
  • Real estate agents
  • lone-workers, heavy customer interface