About Twig Australia

Wired and Wireless Solutions International (WWSI)

WWSI is the sole distributor of Twig Com products in Australia.

Since the early nineties, WWSI has been an industry leader and innovator. We have extensive experience in servicing the duress and telecommunications requirements of many organizations around Australia and across the world. We work in on-site, wide-area and satellite communication and messaging. We look after more than 5000 wireless sites across Australia and do similar work with small and large organizations across the Middle East, Pacific and India.

In Australia, organizations such as hospitals, universities, schools, mining and energy companies, utilities, security forces, manufacturing, food processing, clinics, community centres, government and more than 20 airports in Australia have trusted us with their ongoing requirements.

WWSI is committed to ensuring that our clients receive a system that meets all their operational and budgetary requirements, along with the very best of service from our skilled engineers. Our competitive pricing policy ensures that our clients receive the best value at the most affordable price.


Product warranty is back to base. On-site installations by Wired & Wireless are signed off by the client as operational at handover.


Most systems are delivered fully configured and programmed. And carry a 12-month warranty.

We can provide technical support Australia wide. Our national service centre is in Sydney. Duress systems are small, so can be easily sent to Sydney for upgrades or for expansion of the system if or when required in the future.

We provide support for the world's leading brands such as Twig Com, Ericsson, Aastra, Airista, Ekahau, Hirschmann, Data-Linc Group, Maestro-Wireless, Alcatel and others.

Our Services

Extended warranty

In addition to our original warranty we also offer a possibility for an extended warranty. Extended warranty may be one or two years in addition to the original warranty.

Custom sales box configuration

From request we tailor sales boxes according to client requests, e.g. with additional documents, optional accessories, device configuration, customer SIM-card provisioning and custom device settings.

Custom device settings

From request we configure device settings at factory according to customer needs.

Customer SIM-card provisioning

TWIG personal alarms are provisioned with activated customer SIM-cards and requested customer configurations.


Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade are applied to all orders of TWIG products and explained on our proposal and quotation forms.

Warranty Terms

TWIG products and services follow the terms of warranty described in document Terms of Warranty if not otherwise stipulated by national legislation or if not expressly agreed otherwise in the Distributor Agreement or by other prior agreements. Read more about warranty repairs and non-warranty repairs in terms of warranty.


TWIG personal safety alarms are compliant to DIN0825 and BS8484 systems when a compliant Alarm Receiving Centre is implemented. Our production fulfills the requirements of ATEX, IECEx REACH, RoHS and WEEE.

Data Security

We collect contact information for our sales and marketing purposes. All information collected is kept secure and stored in a secure manner. When the information is not needed anymore, it will be shred or wiped out as per our data security policy.