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The TWIG Protector is an advanced GPS/GSM personal protection and surveillance device, designed to protect lone workers, the vulnerable and those needing care. The Protector can be used as a stand-alone device and can be located with any smart phone that can pick a web link from SMS and show it on a browser with Google maps. It can also be operated in conjunction with the TWIG desk-top Internet Service, or integrated with the TWIG Discovery phone to offer a full mobile monitoring solution. In addition, a discrete wrist alarm and charger docking converts The Protector into a full home care unit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Robust design.
  • Water-proof sealing and neck strap.
  • Alarm button sends an SOS message and/or opens a voice connection to the predefined emergency number. The SOS message will include location, time, speed, direction and battery status to help to track the user.
  • Man-down alert – launches an emergency cycle that makes an automatic call and sends the user’s position to predefined numbers in case they are unable to trigger the manual alarm. The alert is sent when predefined parameters are met on an in-built accelerometer (e.g. lack of movement or falling down). The man-down alert also incorporates dedicated tones and a text which informs the cause of the alert.
  • Tracking/Surveillance – the Protector provides real time information as to the location and status of loved ones. The internet interface also allows you to track and locate someone carrying the device via any web browser, providing you with peace of mind as to their location and current status. You can also use your own corporate back end systems and connect via SMS or TCP/IP to Twig Protector.
  • High Performance GPS
  • GPRS based telematics - users save on cost especially when frequent position updates are required. Instruments have a configurable backup method that uses normal SMS. This steps in as a communication bearer in cases where the GPRS transmission fails, bringing the quality of the service to the next level of reliability.
  • Meets the requirements of the most demanding situations.
  • Predefined number buttons for voice calls to 4 numbers with a position report.

Amber Alert

  • By re-programming the four speed dial buttons, Twig transforms into a unique timed-alert system. Before entering a potentially dangerous situation, you set a timer. If you do not cancel the timer within the time limit set, then Twig enters a short pre-alert sequence giving you time to either cancel or extend. If you take no action, Twig then automatically starts the emergency alert sequence. In Amber Alert mode, only two speed dial buttons are available.

Download the Datasheet for the Protector

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