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Twig Embody

protector easy

New from Twig, Embody is the most flexible product in the Twig family. Where Twig Embody differs from other Twig models is in its compact size and weight, and its six wearing options.

Twig Embody Pendant with lanyard and pull cord is easy to wear and quick to reach in an emergency.

protector easy
protector easy

Twig Embody Wrist is always handy and ideal for active wearers.

Twig Embody Clip sits easily on a belt or pants top like traditional Twig models.

protector easy
protector easy

Twig Embody ID snaps into the rear of an ID card and can be either vertical or horizontal.

Twig Embody Hook, a simple solution that clips through a belt loop

protector easy
protector easy

Twig Embody Embed is tailored to the occasion by fitting into work or personal clothing or sportswear.

Embody is activated by pressing a button, or automatically in the event of “person-down” when the user is unable to send a signal.
Duress. Press the alarm button for several seconds.
Person-down. (Optional) The unit will send an alarm when it tilts more than 45 degrees, or registers no-motion, for a specified period of time. It can be programmed for either or both. The time frame and tilt angle like many other features can also be programmed. The unit then beeps and vibrates to warn a message is about to be sent, allowing time for cancellation. The vibrating time can also be specified.

Features and benefits

  • Ten emergency numbers can be programmed into the unit
  • The unit sends an SMS text message to a pre-programmed list of say five telephone numbers.
  • The unit starts dialing the other five numbers in sequence until one answers
  • A two-way voice channel is then opened between the sender and the receiver
  • One additional function can direct-dial to a frequently called number with a single press of the button. This option enables a non-emergency assistance call.
  • The unit requires a Sim card
  • As an option, in a duress situation the unit also secures a satellite GPS position and forwards a map link to Smartphones

Man-down options

  • Tilt
  • No motion
  • Sudden drop or impact

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