About TWIG

More than a device

TWIG is a complete personal safety system

Device + Software + Settings + System + Support + Service.


Wide product range

The TWIG product range includes personal safety alarms, short range devices (SRD) and accessories designed for a wide variety of usage in lone-worker safety, telecare and mobile asset security. TWIG Integrator Kit resources enable device integration to a third-party Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) system. Our comprehensive device settings customize TWIG devices according to your specific needs. The modular system is completed with turn-key assisted GPS (AGPS) and ARC compatible with the TWIG personal safety alarms.

Multifunctional devices

All TWIG personal alarms are designed to be scalable by needs. TWIG's personal alarms provide multiple choices in functionality and design: robustness, dedicated buttons to enhance user interface, vibrator, loud speaker, compact shock-resistant and waterproof (IP67) casing. Variable options enable TWIG for a specific application: SRD (short range devices) such as check-in tags, door alarm, remote activation button, cellular 3G, GPS, man-down, motion and magnet accessories further contribute to device versatility.

Professional support

Highly customizable devices with scalable functions call for professional support. Our engineering know-how in personal telematic for more than 20 years ensures our customers get the information they need to ensure lone-worker and personal safety.

Customer service

We strive every day to provide our customers with excellent customer service. Most inquiries are answered the same day. Most orders are shipped within days. We don’t generally request minimum order quantity.

Value-added services

The TWIG offering is completed with fast and flexible customer service. Request a quote also for our Value-added Services: In addition to our original warranty we offer an extended warranty. On request we can offer tailored sales box configuration and device settings according to customer needs. We finalize turn-key sales packages with customer SIM-card provisioning. On request, also device mid-life upgrades (MLUs) are possible.

Employer risk management

Employers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare at work of all their workers including lone-workers, lone-workers should not be put at greater risk than other employees. By the risk assessment of their lone-worker jobs, employers should foresee emergencies and identify situations. When taking care of the sufficient risk assessment and lone-worker protection the employer not only creates a safer working environment but also effectively manages liability risks. Our mission is to provide trustworthy, state-of-the art lone-worker alarms, answering the call of duty of care.

TWIG advantages

The TWIG Advantage comprises durable and long-lasting devices combined with professional technical support and caring customer service. TWIG personal safety devices are cost-effective in the long run not only because of their durability and compatibility but also because of their scalability and modularity.


TWIG devices are compatible in many ways. Firstly, TWIG devices are easy to deploy with TWIG or third-party compatible systems or alternatively they can be integrated to a client monitoring software.

Second, TWIG compatibility includes a full range of accessories, short range devices and an alarms monitoring application TWIG WebFinder SP. Together, these form a wide product offering and build solutions to end-customer needs.

Third, TWIG over-the-air protocols are generally backwards compatible over evolving device platforms (device type TGP81EU to TCP90EU to TUP90EU). It means also novel TWIG devices are usually drop-in compatible with alarm receiving centre (ARC) systems once integrated with an earlier TWIG product.

Fourth, alternative TWIG personal alarm devices share a common ARC protocol, so you can integrate once and deploy different devices many times over (naturally only those device functions implemented in the integration will be supported by your ARC).

Scalable devices

TWIG device configuration scales through optional functions and widely customizable settings, according to project or customer-specific needs.

Open interface

All TWIG products can be integrated into customer or third party monitoring and tracking software. The open interface facilitates the integration of new functions and improvements, compatible with customer needs.

Modular system

The modular concept delivers cost savings and selectability for customers. The TWIG Short Range Device (SRD) feature is available as an option as it allows customers to build a complementary location system for indoor premises, and enables discreet alarms and registering attendance in changing indoor locations. TWIG with mobile SRD transmits alarms to the alarm receiving centre (ARC) over mobile network. TWIG devices integrate with the TWIG WebFinder SP as well as with customer monitoring software.

IECEx/ATEX compliance

TWIG Ex intrinsically safe models are approved to both ATEX and IECEx Australian/NZ standards for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

  • 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
  • 2D Ex ib IIC T130°C Db 
  • VTT 16 ATEX 040X/IECEx VTT 16.0009X
Indoor location

The TWIG Indoor lone-worker alarms system is designed to locate distressed or injured persons inside areas where GPS is not reliable and other methods do not provide needed accuracy. TWIG personal safety alarm devices report to your preferred receiving numbers or an alarm receiving centre (ARC). TWIG Beacon location information along with last known GPS position creates a complementary location system for indoor premises capable of global roaming outdoors.


TWIG com markets, engineers and manufactures reliable, durable and in the long term cost-effective personal alarms and takes care of our clients with professional support through the whole product life-cycle. TWIG products are engineered and manufactured in Finland in our own low-energy factory under an ISO9001:2015 and ATEX/IECEx compliant quality management system.

Quality is at the core of our identity. For us quality means saving time, money and environment and begins with a quest to understand customer needs. The exacting quality control followed in our factory means testing every single TWIG device for functionality, radio communications, location-finding sensitivity and waterproofness before delivery. Our warranty repair percentage is low. We specify and select components for device durability. All these factors contribute to trustworthiness of TWIG products, appreciated by our customers (source: Customer survey 2015).


TWIG products are designed, manufactured and marketed pursuant to an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. The notified body is VTT Expert Services (Technical Research Institute Finland).


TWIG personal safety alarms are, where indicated, compliant with DIN0825 and BS8484 Part 5 lone-worker alarm system requirements. Our marketing, product development and production fulfil ISO9001:2015 and Ex (ATEX) quality management system (QMS) requirements. Our manufacturing fulfils the requirements of REACH, RoHS and WEEE. We manufacture in our own low-energy factory and follow the conventions of ILO (International Labour Organization) covering fundamental principles and rights at work. Twig Com Oy (Twig Com Ltd.) is a private company domiciled in Salo, Finland, EU, complying with State of Finland accounting, tax, corporate governance and labour codes.


TWIG personal safety alarms, where indicated, are compliant with the requirements of the section 5 of BS8484:2009 when implemented in a compliant alarm receiving centre.


TWIG personal alarms, where indicated, are compliant to DIN0825 Part 1 concerning product and test requirements for radio staff protection systems for lone-workers and DIN0825 Part 11 concerning Product and test requirements using public telecommunications networks.

Documents: DIN0825 Part 1


TWIG Ex (ATEX) products are type approved by qualified notified body and manufactured pursuant to an ATEX quality management system certified by qualified notified body. The notified body is VTT Expert Services (Technical Research Institute Finland).


TWIG personal alarm devices of device types TUP91EU, TUP92EU and later are compliant to European Union's Radio Equipment Directive RED 2014/53/EU.

The Twig Story

TWIG is a brand of Twig Com Ltd, a developer and manufacturer of personal safety and GPS tracking products and software.

Short history of TWIG and Salo:

1928: Nordell & Koskinen Radioliike founded in Salo, Finland. Later branded Salora for radio and TV set sales.

1960'ies and 70'ies: Salora Radio Phones (SRP) supply public authorities and the military in Finland, and grow to dominate the Nordic markets in early public cellular mobile phones.

1979: Mobira founded by Salora and Nokia, grow to become world market leader in 1G mobile phones in 1986-87, later rebranded Nokia Mobile Phones.

1988: Benefon founded in Salo, becomes a successful NMT mobile phones provider in the 1990'ies.

1994: Benefon starts developing the MORE, mobile rescue phone, as part of a European Union research consortium. MORE is the first GSM/GPS personal safety alarm.

2000: Benefon Track launched as the first commercial GSM/GPS safety phone, starting the momentum in the European lone-worker safety movement.

2009: TWIG Protector P1 is born, in a bid to create the complete and dependable lone-worker and social alarm device.

2011: Twig Com Oy (Twig Com Ltd.) is founded and in January acquires the TWIG/Benefon personal safety alarm device business through a management buy-out.

2014: TWIG marketing, engineering and manufacturing move to our own, new low-energy factory. A range of TWIG Protector P3 personal alarms is launched.

About Twigcom

We Engineer

TwigCom Employ In-House Engineers for Software Development, Electronic Engineering and RF (Radio Frequency) Design.

In-house Product Technology

By developing our in-house product technology and platform, we gain full control of product quality, features and life cycle. We create and maintain our own circuit designs and source codes, allowing us to make derivatives or new products as needed in the market or by a specific customer.

Stable Quality

Evolving proprietary technology platforms, instead of spot-trading with ODM products, translate into stable quality, stable functionality and stable system protocols.

We Manufacture

Full in-house manufacturing is a key element in the TWIG concept. By placing the production line literally meters away from engineering, marketing and management, we facilitate best possible communications and create a culture where quality and customer service are always job one.

Automated SMD-Line

We operate an automated surface mounted device (SMD) line for electronic circuit board assembly, and as part of quality control a proprietary automatic test systems for testing 100% of produced alarm devices for GSM/3G radio performance, GPS

Low-energy factory

The new low-energy factory facility was specifically built to house our unique business processes and to deliver outstanding efficiency in the use of energy and in-flows of supplied and recycled materials, while inspiring an atmosphere of quality and innovation.

Techniques employed to dramatically reduce TWIG factory energy usage and CO2 foot print include thermal insulation exceeding Finnish building code requirements, advanced heat recovery and building energy management system, geothermal heating and cooling, and passive solar energy. All purchased energy is generated in zero-emission hydro-electric power plants.


For TwigCom, sustainability consists of durable and economic devices with warranty and support – all these features extend the product life-cycle and make TWIG Products sustainable in the long run.

TWIG devices are manufactured in our low-energy factory utilizing sustainable technology: geothermal heating and cooling, advanced heat recovery, passive solar energy and maximally profiting from the natural day light. The factory insulation thickness exceeds the Finnish construction norms.

Techniques employed reduce TWIG factory energy usage and CO2 footprint. All purchased energy is generated in zero-emission hydroelectric power plants.

We recycle and reuse as much as possible. All plastic and cardboard arriving at our factory is reused to avoid the exceeding amount of waste. In our production we always consider the best solution to avoid waste. Our choice is to prefer the nature instead of exceeding consumption. The sustainable thinking has shown to be not only a green idea but also a way to save time and money.

Our production follows the standard of the EU legislation of
SO14001:2015, WEEE, REACH and RoHS 2.

Our green values are composed of many components creating a complete sustainable concept. Details matter, like the amplified biodiversity of the meadow and garden surrounding the factory.

About Twig Australia

Twig Australia and WWSI

About Wired and Wireless Solutions

WWSI is the sole distributor of Twigcom products in Australia

Since the early nineties, WWSI has been an industry leader and innovator. We have extensive experience in servicing the duress and telecommunications requirements of many organizations around Australia and across the world. We work in on-site, wide area and satellite communication and messaging. We look after more than 5000 wireless sites across Australia and do similar work with small and large organizations across the Middle East, Pacific and India

In Australia, organizations such as hospitals, universities, schools, mining and energy companies, utilities, security forces, manufacturing, food processing, clinics, community centres, government and more than 20 airports in Australia have trusted us with their ongoing requirements.

WWSI is committed to ensuring that our clients receive a system that meets all their operational and budgetary requirements, along with the very best of service from our skilled engineers. Our competitive pricing policy ensures that our clients receive the best value at the most affordable price.


Product warranty is back to base. Onsite installations by Wired & Wireless are signed off by client as operational at handover.


Most systems are delivered fully configured and programmed. And carry a twelve-month warranty.

We can provide technical support Australia wide. Our national service centre is in Sydney. Duress systems are small they are easily sent to Sydney for upgrades or expansion of the system if or when required in the future.

We provide support for the worlds’ leading brands such as Twigcom, Ericsson, Aastra, Airista, Ekahau, Twig, Hirschmann, Data-Linc Group, Maestro-Wireless, Alcatel and others.

Our Services

Extended warranty

In addition to our original warranty we also offer a possibility for an extended warranty. Extended warranty may be additional 1 or 2 years to original warranty.

Custom sales box configuration

From request we tailor sales boxes according to client requests e.g. with additional documents, optional accessories, device configuration, customer SIM-card provisioning and custom device settings.

Custom device settings

From request we configure device settings at factory according to customer needs.

Customer SIM-card provisioning

TWIG personal alarms are provisioned with activated customer SIM-cards and requested customer configurations.


Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade are applied to all orders of TWIG products and explained on our proposal and quotation forms..

Warranty Terms

TWIG products and services follow the terms of warranty described in document Terms of warranty if not otherwise stipulated by national legislation or if not expressly agreed otherwise in Distributor Agreement or other prior agreements. Read more about warranty repairs and non-warranty repairs in terms of warranty.


TWIG personal safety alarms are compliant to DIN0825 and BS8484 systems when a compliant Alarm Receiving Centre is implemented. Our production fulfills the requirements of ATEX, IECEx REACH, RoHS and WEEE.

Data Security

We collect contact information for our sales and marketing purposes. All information collected is kept secure and stored in a secure manner. When the information is not anymore needed, it will be shred or wiped out by following our data security policy.